Monday, January 21, 2019

Reassemble Your Dining Room Decor at Its Classiest

Your dining room could be so much more and you know it! While it may seem acceptable to grab a long wooden table and some semi-functional side chairs, and call it a day, think of how formulaic that can feel!  When you’re decorating your dining room, you have the perfect opportunity to assemble furniture that reflects you at your classiest. So today, in honor of the new year, and new beginnings, we’ll be covering all the ways you can formalize your dining room, and maximize your style.

 navy blue side chair

Allude to Duality: Colors Augment Your Dining Room

It’s no exaggeration: you can infuse sophistication into everything you do and own. And in the case of a dining experience, the only limits here are ones you impose upon yourself. Before settling on a table or buffet for your dining room, ask yourself how it will enhance or deflect the balance of light and shadow inside of the space.

Subtle shades, like the navy blue of an upholstered bench or side chair, can ease the dichotomy of black and white. Always think about the tones in a room, and how they can work with (or against) each other.

 dining room server

Blend the Casual and the Ceremonial All in One Space

Unless you feel the itch to host a social gathering at least once a month, you probably don’t always dine at your dining room table. But the question automatically arises: Why is that? If you find your dining too formal for everyday eating, then that’s your signal to blend more casual elements into the room.

Own a grandiose dining table that’s perfect for large family meals, but a tad lonely on your average night alone with the spouse and pets? Then relax a bit, by connecting your kitchen and dining room via a piece of handy furniture—a dining room server, for example.

 upholstered dining room chair

Dine in a Room As Comfortable As It Is Chic and Stylish

You could invest hundreds and hundreds of dollars into your dining decor, only to realize soon after it’s just not a space you feel like inhabiting. To avert this conundrum, pay some heed to the comfort of your seating. As you can guess, we highly recommend upholstered chairs and classic benches, because of the sheer difference of their fabric, versus the plain old wooden seating of yore.

By balancing the light and dark, fusing together the casual and the formal, and thinking about where you actually sit when you’re dining, you can truly transform your dining room, and embrace 2019! As always, our Ivan Smith Furniture stores, spanning cities like Arkadelphia, AR and the greater US, are here to greet you into the new year.