Wednesday, April 18, 2018

How to Choose the Right Recliner for You

Just like there are many comfortable sneakers to choose from, not every reclining chair is right for every person. When you are shopping for a relaxing living room recliner to sink into after a hectic day, you must consider three factors: size, longevity, features, and style.
 Gray recliner

The Twofold Factor of Size

Size refers both to the chair seating you comfortably and the space you are working with. In a smaller living room, a compact glider and small ottoman are an option, if they fit your frame! Of the utmost importance when choosing the correct recliner is conformity with your body shape, offering enough support. Ask yourself: Can you easily adjust the recliner to relieve pressure on your knees? Are you equally comfortable sitting with the recliner folded up and extended? Will more than one person be using it?
 Red recliner

How Long Do You Plan on Keeping Your Recliner?

Assuming you will use your recliner at least once a day, a reasonable life expectation for a recliner is about 10 years. Of course, if you pick a sturdier model and are careful handling it, you can stretch that for the most enjoyment and savings, so you won’t need to spend money again in only a few years.
 Extended recliner

What Recliner Features Do You Need?

If your body has particular needs, be sure to make a checklist before choosing a living room recliner. For example, you will likely be much happier in the long run with a recliner offering lots of lumbar support for your back. If a sore neck is a recurring problem, look into a recliner with an articulating headrest. For the ultimate recliner experience, check out chairs with built-in massage settings, so relaxing you will likely drift off to sleep!

Which Style Can You Best Live With?

Do you like your current d├ęcor so much that you expect your new recliner to match it forever? Fortunately for you, recliners now come in a variety of styles from traditional luxury to clean contemporary lines.

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