Friday, May 17, 2019

Which Home Office Desk Is Right for You?

Our selection of home office desks is as varied as the kinds of careers you can now do from the comfort of your abode thanks to the Internet and mobile devices. If you’re an office furniture newb, you might be daunted by the task of picking a home office desk for a new phase of your employment or as a household command center or study space. Information overload can be a problem in a place of plenty as Ivan Smith Furniture is to Ark-La-Tex telecommuters. Here’s a quick guide to home office desk essentials to make your new workstation its most attractive and functional.

corner desk

What Will You Use Your Home Office Desk For?

Yes, we know, you’ll “do work” on your new home office desk, but here are some crucial factors to keep in mind when shopping for your furniture addition this time at Ivan Smith. Does your job generate a lot of printouts on paper or is it online-only all from your laptop? That figures in how big a physical desktop your home office desk must have. How big will your workstation be? If your quarters are cramped, you may not have a dedicated room for your office but one of our corner desks might be just the thing to keep you relaxed yet productive throughout the day as you create content, code, or crunch numbers. How much storage does your job require? Again, is it reams of papers or stuff that fits on a chip or memory stick?

executive desk

Accurately Measure So Your Home Office Desk Will Fit!

Once you’ve assessed your job’s needs for your new home office desk, it’s time to do some measuring. For example, if the executive desk you want for your at-home legal or medical practice has doors or big drawers, can they fully open in your allotted square footage? When literally sizing up home office desks, make sure you have at least 3 ½ feet of space behind the desk so you can push or roll out your chair without any problem. To have the optimum desk height, when sitting at it, check to see that you can lay your hands on the desktop with your arms hanging straight down with your elbows bent at a right angle.

Fantastic home office desks and their accompanying pieces such as seating and hutches are always a bargain at our Shreveport, LA store and other Ivan Smith Furniture locations. See you soon!

Monday, April 22, 2019

In Praise of Performance Fabric for Your Upholstery and More

You might be thinking, “Why do I need performance fabric?” With today’s synthetic fibers being relatively easy to care for, even removable for a good cleaning, that’s understandable. However, high-performance fabric for upholstery and other home furniture uses has revolutionized the industry. If your household is high-energy with kids and dogs doing a number on YOUR furnishings, this scientific fabric solution is the best answer. Of course we at Ivan Smith Furniture carry many items boasting this wonder material adding years of longevity and a perennially new appearance to your favorite pieces and sets. Names to look for when shopping for performance fabric include Nuvella and Sunbrella.

living room sofa

Get Performance Fabric for Your Living Room Sofas

For your living room sofas and chairs, high-performance fabric simply can’t be beat to make your front room a true family room where children and pets are totally welcome. Never worry about spilled food or drinks again, because “these colors don’t run”! The performance fabric used to clothe select Ivan Smith living room furniture is entirely solution-dyed. That means when the artificial fibers are still in the liquid, molten plastic state, the color is directly added. By using the dye this way, it permeates the fiber completely. Because this vivid color is infused into each fiber, stains can’t penetrate and damage it! The answer for almost all mishaps is just wipe it off with soap and water, or for tougher stains (such as red wine on a white sofa), a diluted bleach solution. This weak bleach won’t hurt your color either.

performance fabric outdoor umbrella

Beat the Sun with Performance Fabric for Your Outdoor Umbrella

The colorfastness of performance fabrics means it won’t fade in the sun, meaning these fabrics are also ideal for your outdoor furniture and accessories from awnings to patio sets to huge cantilever umbrellas. One leading manufacturer tests its performance-fabric items for 1,000 hours, far beyond the industry standard! Sun damage is usually because it fades the fiber’s top layer, revealing its base color. Because these recyclable fibers are saturated, they simply cannot fade. Outdoor furniture is at our Tyler, TX furniture store and we can order it from any of our locations.

Whatever your performance fabric requirements, you’ll always find the answer at Ivan Smith Furniture's Ark-La-Tex locations.

Monday, April 1, 2019

Your Cantilever Umbrella: A Sunny Spring Guide

Here’s why a cantilever umbrella is a fantastic idea for your deck or patio this season. Spring’s here, so the sun’s out more and there’s the scent of flowers in the wind. You want to stay outside longer, maybe even firing up the grill on the first balmy weekend. We get a lot of those nice days in Ark-La-Tex. But you need shelter from the oppressive glare and rays, especially on our famously humid afternoons. Plus with our famously turbulent weather, fierce pop-up storms and all, don’t let a rain squall put a damper on your festivities. So here’s Ivan Smith Furniture’s handy guide to choose the ideal outdoor umbrella for the next big alfresco party at your house.

square orange outdoor cantilever umbrella

How Cantilever Umbrellas Work: Cool Engineering

With cantilever umbrellas, the fabric shade is suspended on a yardarm attached to a pole and counterweight, unlike a typical table umbrella in which the pole is central. It can also be affixed to a sturdy wall. With our giant free-standing umbrellas, the counterweight is often sand in the base. That makes sure a strong gust will never topple your new umbrella or send it flying across the yard! Best of all for you and your guests, you get maximum room underneath without a pole in your way.

octagonal outdoor cantilever umbrella

Some Cantilever Umbrella Features to Consider

We recommend a free-standing rotating cantilever umbrella if you’re on your house’s deck at different times of the day. As the sun takes its course overhead, you can adjust these outdoor umbrellas easily because they rotate 360 degrees. To facilitate this, some high-end models give you a foot pedal. A ginormous cantilever umbrella can easily do what two or more ordinary patio umbrellas can! If you go the wall-mounted umbrella route, your purchase will be able to rotate 180 degrees.

Our selection of cantilever umbrellas are square or octagonal. Your shade coverage ranges from 9 to 13 feet. As big umbrellas cost less per square foot, that’s likely your best option.

If you plan on opening your cantilever umbrella when the sun is close to the horizon, say, for sunset dinners, consider buying a tilting model to best shade your gathering.

When you need to upgrade your deck furniture and accessories affordably, our Tyler, TX store and the Ivan Smith website are here to serve you!

Friday, February 22, 2019

When You Want to Go Retro: Furniture Ideas

While of course Ivan Smith Furniture carries the most and best in transitional and contemporary furniture, some of you might yearn for a romantic past, a certain era. Love BBC historical dramas? Maybe Victorian furniture and decor would be your thing especially if you live in a house from that time. On the other hand, if your trim little ranch house went up during the Eisenhower era, why fight it? Midcentury modern’s HOT especially since popular TV shows such as “Mad Men” and “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” brought it back to the public’s attention. But why pay a bundle for antiques, often in fragile well-worn condition? Our selection of reproduction retro furniture affordably brings the glamour of America’s past back to life for you and with modern materials that are family-friendly.

living room chaise

Retro Victorian Living Room Furniture: When Opulence Reigned Supreme

If you feel that you missed out on intricate Victorian furniture design such as exquisite woods carved into details such as medallions and plumes, and rich, soft top-grain leather, don’t fret. You can get it all and more thanks to reproduction retro furniture, such as a leather-upholstered chaise longue like a fainting couch in Sherlock Holmes’s study. When retro designs are so reasonably priced, you don’t need to be to the manor born to make your design fantasy come true.

bar stool

Space-Age Bachelor Pad Cool: Retro Home Bars Serve Style!

On the other hand, you may thrill to retro-futurism, as in 1950s sci-fi flicks or “The Jetsons”: how did 1959 imagine 2019? We’ve got retro furniture for that too! An excellence place to show off this design flair in your choice of home bar furniture, such as ultra-futuristic bar stools with sleek vinyl cushions and gleaming with chrome.

Stop by our Shreveport, LA store or any of our Ark-La-Tex locations to see how you can incorporate beautiful, durable repro retro furniture into your lifestyle.

Monday, January 21, 2019

Reassemble Your Dining Room Decor at Its Classiest

Your dining room could be so much more and you know it! While it may seem acceptable to grab a long wooden table and some semi-functional side chairs, and call it a day, think of how formulaic that can feel!  When you’re decorating your dining room, you have the perfect opportunity to assemble furniture that reflects you at your classiest. So today, in honor of the new year, and new beginnings, we’ll be covering all the ways you can formalize your dining room, and maximize your style.

 navy blue side chair

Allude to Duality: Colors Augment Your Dining Room

It’s no exaggeration: you can infuse sophistication into everything you do and own. And in the case of a dining experience, the only limits here are ones you impose upon yourself. Before settling on a table or buffet for your dining room, ask yourself how it will enhance or deflect the balance of light and shadow inside of the space.

Subtle shades, like the navy blue of an upholstered bench or side chair, can ease the dichotomy of black and white. Always think about the tones in a room, and how they can work with (or against) each other.

 dining room server

Blend the Casual and the Ceremonial All in One Space

Unless you feel the itch to host a social gathering at least once a month, you probably don’t always dine at your dining room table. But the question automatically arises: Why is that? If you find your dining too formal for everyday eating, then that’s your signal to blend more casual elements into the room.

Own a grandiose dining table that’s perfect for large family meals, but a tad lonely on your average night alone with the spouse and pets? Then relax a bit, by connecting your kitchen and dining room via a piece of handy furniture—a dining room server, for example.

 upholstered dining room chair

Dine in a Room As Comfortable As It Is Chic and Stylish

You could invest hundreds and hundreds of dollars into your dining decor, only to realize soon after it’s just not a space you feel like inhabiting. To avert this conundrum, pay some heed to the comfort of your seating. As you can guess, we highly recommend upholstered chairs and classic benches, because of the sheer difference of their fabric, versus the plain old wooden seating of yore.

By balancing the light and dark, fusing together the casual and the formal, and thinking about where you actually sit when you’re dining, you can truly transform your dining room, and embrace 2019! As always, our Ivan Smith Furniture stores, spanning cities like Arkadelphia, AR and the greater US, are here to greet you into the new year.