Friday, May 17, 2019

Which Home Office Desk Is Right for You?

Our selection of home office desks is as varied as the kinds of careers you can now do from the comfort of your abode thanks to the Internet and mobile devices. If you’re an office furniture newb, you might be daunted by the task of picking a home office desk for a new phase of your employment or as a household command center or study space. Information overload can be a problem in a place of plenty as Ivan Smith Furniture is to Ark-La-Tex telecommuters. Here’s a quick guide to home office desk essentials to make your new workstation its most attractive and functional.

corner desk

What Will You Use Your Home Office Desk For?

Yes, we know, you’ll “do work” on your new home office desk, but here are some crucial factors to keep in mind when shopping for your furniture addition this time at Ivan Smith. Does your job generate a lot of printouts on paper or is it online-only all from your laptop? That figures in how big a physical desktop your home office desk must have. How big will your workstation be? If your quarters are cramped, you may not have a dedicated room for your office but one of our corner desks might be just the thing to keep you relaxed yet productive throughout the day as you create content, code, or crunch numbers. How much storage does your job require? Again, is it reams of papers or stuff that fits on a chip or memory stick?

executive desk

Accurately Measure So Your Home Office Desk Will Fit!

Once you’ve assessed your job’s needs for your new home office desk, it’s time to do some measuring. For example, if the executive desk you want for your at-home legal or medical practice has doors or big drawers, can they fully open in your allotted square footage? When literally sizing up home office desks, make sure you have at least 3 ½ feet of space behind the desk so you can push or roll out your chair without any problem. To have the optimum desk height, when sitting at it, check to see that you can lay your hands on the desktop with your arms hanging straight down with your elbows bent at a right angle.

Fantastic home office desks and their accompanying pieces such as seating and hutches are always a bargain at our Shreveport, LA store and other Ivan Smith Furniture locations. See you soon!