Tuesday, November 14, 2017

3 Pieces of Dining Furniture that Will Enhance Your Next Dinner Party

Do you like to entertain often? Is your home the go-to spot for holiday celebrations and evening dinner parties? If so, then you have probably had your fair share of home entertaining emergencies throughout the years—from running out of food to scrambling to find enough seating for unexpected guests. At Ivan Smith Furniture, we would like to help ensure your next evening soiree goes as smoothly as possible. Learn more about three pieces of dining room furniture we sell that will make home entertaining fun and easy.  

Save Table Space with a Dining Server

When hosting a dinner on a big holiday like Christmas or Thanksgiving, you can never have enough table space. When food dishes begin adding up and the guest list continues to grow, it can sometimes become nearly impossible to find enough table space to accommodate both your food and your guests. When empty space is at a minimum, purchasing a versatile dining server can make all the difference. A dining server is a multipurpose piece of dining room furniture that provides serving space on top and storage space on the bottom. A dining server provides the perfect place to serve your larger food dishes plus cabinets and shelves for storing your servingware and cutlery.

Show Off Your Wine Collection with a Display Cabinet

If you like to serve spirits at your dinner parties, it’s good to a have an attractive place to store your wine bottles. Having a designated spot for your wine collection makes your dining room appear more elegant and organized, and it also keeps your wine on display, making it easier for guests to help themselves. Our home furniture store has a variety of storage cabinets and wine cabinets available, which provide ample space for storing your spirits as well as your stemware.

Make Room for Unexpected Guests with Dining Benches

One additional home furnishing to consider for your next event is a dining room bench. A dining bench is a unique and often underutilized piece of dining room furniture that can come in handy if unexpected diners arrive. Since a dining bench does not have room between each seat, it makes it possible for guests to squeeze together to make room for an additional person, if necessary.

If you are ready to give your dining room an upgrade, visit Ivan Smith Furniture, and see all the fantastic products we have to offer. You can visit us in Camden, AR or at any one of our other Southern US locations. We will help you bring your home entertaining to the next level.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Building a Fun and Functional Kids Bedroom

Building a bedroom for your child can be a bit tricky, as there are a lot of things to consider. While you want to select furniture your child will love, you also want to make sure that the furniture you choose is strong enough to withstand daily wear and tear. Having an ample amount of storage space is another point of importance, and without it, your child’s room can quickly go from cute to cluttered. At Ivan Smith Furniture, we want to lend a hand. Follow our three helpful tips and you’ll have no problem building a bedroom both you and your child will adore.   

Choose a Bedroom Theme

The key to creating a bedroom that your child will love is choosing a theme that reflects their likes and interests. If your child is interested in flowers or cars or simply loves the color red, you should find a way to incorporate that into their bedroom decor. Every single item in the room doesn’t need to fit the theme—you just need a few eye-catching themed items placed throughout. Perhaps the most affordable way to establish a theme is by purchasing distinctive kids bedroom accents. We sell playful lamps, throw pillows, and even bedding that will add a dose of fun and color to your child’s bedroom.

Choose Smart Storage Solutions

Keeping your child’s bedroom clean will always be a challenge, so it helps to have efficient storage furniture. Instead of filling your child’s room with a never-ending assortment of toy chests, bins, and shelves, opt for furniture options that multitask. For example, we have a collection of space-saving storage beds that include an array of drawers and compartments that allow you to store books, toys, and more, all in one convenient place.

Plan for the Future

When buying furniture for your child’s bedroom, it pays to put some thought toward the future, specifically when it comes to selecting a bed. Children are constantly growing, and if you don’t want to keep buying a new bed every time they have a growth spurt, remember that bigger is better. While they may comfortably fit in a Twin size bed right now, when you child hits their teen and preteen years, they will likely need a Full size bed, so take that into consideration when making your final selection.

Come to Ivan Smith Furniture today to see the entire collection of stylish and durable kids bedroom furniture we have to offer. You can visit us in Bastrop, LA or at any one of our furniture showrooms located throughout the Southern US. With our great furniture selections and these helpful tips, you will be able to create an efficiently furnished and kid-approved bedroom in no time! 

Monday, May 15, 2017

Celebrate Spring at Ivan Smith Furniture!

Springtime is a season of growth, rebirth, and new beginnings. It’s time to bid farewell to dark days and the frosty winter chill, and say hello to warm weather and vibrant surroundings. While the world outside begins its colorful transformation, we recommend that you take the opportunity to transform the inside of your home as well. With these three simple tips, you can have your home Springtime ready in no time!

Out with the old, in with the new

When you hear the term “Spring cleaning” what comes to mind? Do you imagine sorting through an endless array of boxes, or maybe cleaning up cobwebs from your attic? Believe it or not, Spring cleaning doesn’t always have to be so tedious. Sometimes all you need to do is take inventory of the furniture in your home and get rid of any pieces that are worn-out or unused. Replace your old furniture with fashionable new pieces, and your home will look and feel revitalized. At Ivan Smith Furniture, you can find an extensive collection of affordable home furnishings that will allow you to update your décor without exceeding your budget. If you are looking for a truly money-saving deal, you can purchase one of our complete furniture sets. For example, we have complete living room sets that include a sofa a matching loveseat for less than $1000.

Freshen up your home with a Spring-friendly color palette

Nothing says Springtime like bright and cheery colors. Replace your dark winter color palette with colors that reflect the flowers in bloom. Depending on your tastes, you can opt for bold and vibrant colors or delicate pastels. Neutral tones such as cream or beige will also help to bring a light and airy atmosphere to any room. Our furniture store has a wide array of home furnishing items in fresh Spring colors, including beautiful bed sets featuring light wood finishes. Is buying a new piece of furniture not within your budget? Replacing your bedding with a colorful new comforter set or duvet cover is another affordable option.

Enhance your home décor with nature-inspired accents

The most affordable (and perhaps even the most fun) way to update your home décor is by adding a variety of accents inspired by nature. Bring the outdoors into your home with images of blooming flowers, lush greenery, and lovely wildlife. Our home furniture store has a large collection of diverse home accents, and we can provide you with nature-inspired wall art, area rugs, throw pillows, and so much more.

If you are ready to update your home to reflect the bright and lively atmosphere of Spring, stop by Ivan Smith Furniture today to see all the elegant home furnishing options we have to offer. You can visit us in Shreveport, LA or at any one of our other Southern US locations. We want to help you create the home of your dreams!