Friday, December 14, 2018

Sharing Designers’ Secrets: How to Maximize a Tiny Living Room

Whether your budget’s extra-tight due to frequent moves to wherever the work is, or you’re just starting out, you might be frustrated with your abode’s small square footage seemingly thwarting your design ideal for your living room. Well, we at Ivan Smith Furniture are here to say when there is a will, there is a way! Don’t fret. Our many years of outfitting homes just like yours along with the acumen of the many designers we’ve known have enabled us to offer you the following bits of free advice on how best to pick and place living room furniture for smaller rooms.

 living room loveseat

Embrace the Smallness: Intimate Space Is Good

Don’t think “cramped”; accentuate the positive by redefining this fact as coziness. No, we’re not in denial. An upbeat attitude in this planning process via clever design tricks will be conveyed to your guests. You might be tempted to make your space seem bigger. Don’t be, advise the top interior designers. Rather, accept your room’s character as is. One way to do that when choosing your living room’s seating is to keep all of it — sofa or loveseat, recliner, etc. — gathered together around the coffee table like you’re on the set of a TV chat show. Emphasize the unity of your living room furniture vision by placing a boldly patterned accent rug under it. VoilĂ : instant rapport among your guests.

 accent lighting

Wow with Bright Light and the Right Hues

No, we don’t mean shining a light in your guests’ eyes so they don’t see your dinky room. We’re being imaginative here. Bright lighting strategically placed will make your cozy living room even more inviting. So go for it with beautiful accent lighting and mirrors to reflect that light. Also, consider painting your walls white or some other light color. A designer tip: show off your favorite paintings or photos in matching light-colored frames for an uncluttered but impressive art-gallery vibe. If your space is blessed with sunlight, choose bright or white window treatments such as curtains.

 living room ottoman

Go for the Cool Ottomans!

Maybe you can’t even squeeze a traditional coffee table onto your living room floor. Time to improvise! Two or more cool living room ottomans, ideally the storage kind that open on top, will ably do the table’s job, plus they double as seating if you need that.

To get a better idea which living room furniture and home accents might work best in your small space, stop by our Nacogdoches, TX store or any of our other locations for top brands all for a bargain.