Tuesday, November 14, 2017

3 Pieces of Dining Furniture that Will Enhance Your Next Dinner Party

Do you like to entertain often? Is your home the go-to spot for holiday celebrations and evening dinner parties? If so, then you have probably had your fair share of home entertaining emergencies throughout the years—from running out of food to scrambling to find enough seating for unexpected guests. At Ivan Smith Furniture, we would like to help ensure your next evening soiree goes as smoothly as possible. Learn more about three pieces of dining room furniture we sell that will make home entertaining fun and easy.  

Save Table Space with a Dining Server

When hosting a dinner on a big holiday like Christmas or Thanksgiving, you can never have enough table space. When food dishes begin adding up and the guest list continues to grow, it can sometimes become nearly impossible to find enough table space to accommodate both your food and your guests. When empty space is at a minimum, purchasing a versatile dining server can make all the difference. A dining server is a multipurpose piece of dining room furniture that provides serving space on top and storage space on the bottom. A dining server provides the perfect place to serve your larger food dishes plus cabinets and shelves for storing your servingware and cutlery.

Show Off Your Wine Collection with a Display Cabinet

If you like to serve spirits at your dinner parties, it’s good to a have an attractive place to store your wine bottles. Having a designated spot for your wine collection makes your dining room appear more elegant and organized, and it also keeps your wine on display, making it easier for guests to help themselves. Our home furniture store has a variety of storage cabinets and wine cabinets available, which provide ample space for storing your spirits as well as your stemware.

Make Room for Unexpected Guests with Dining Benches

One additional home furnishing to consider for your next event is a dining room bench. A dining bench is a unique and often underutilized piece of dining room furniture that can come in handy if unexpected diners arrive. Since a dining bench does not have room between each seat, it makes it possible for guests to squeeze together to make room for an additional person, if necessary.

If you are ready to give your dining room an upgrade, visit Ivan Smith Furniture, and see all the fantastic products we have to offer. You can visit us in Camden, AR or at any one of our other Southern US locations. We will help you bring your home entertaining to the next level.