Friday, November 16, 2018

Measuring for Your Entertainment Furniture

So you’ve got the screen, sound, games, and other equipment you’ve always wanted for your TV room or den. Great. But sometimes picking the right entertainment furniture can be a case of information overload so you burn out before you can even decide! I know; it’s a First World problem but it’s still true. Here are some practical tips from the world of interior design to simplify the task when you come to any of Ivan Smith Furniture’s stores. You’ll love your entertainment room’s form and function. Let’s get started.

 entertainment center

Fitting In: Entertainment Furniture Right for Your Space

Entertainment furniture from Ivan Smith is always right for your budget but not every piece, however beautiful or grand, is right for every space. Check it with a tape measure and write down the dimensions.

First, determine how much floor space you have to spare in your entertainment room. If it’s cramped, fear not. Ivan Smith can get you a fine corner TV stand complete with shelves that will serve you just fine.

Next, make sure your TV will fit the space allotted for it in the entertainment furniture piece(s) you’re interested in, even if you think you remember the screen size from the box it came in, etc. Again it’s tape-measure time. While we’re generous with returns and exchanges, why do that when you can nail it with your initial purchase? Okay. First off, the screen size you might remember emblazoned on the box measures diagonally across the screen. So be sure to measure the piece of furniture accordingly. To be extra sure your set’s dimensions fit on a TV stand or entertainment center shelf, measure and record the set’s height including the base of course and width.

 TV console with fireplace unit

Get the Stats: Distances for Ideal, Healthy TV Watching

Optimal television viewing places the bottom of your screen level with the line of sight when you’re seated. So, holding something straight, have someone seated on the sofa etc. hold one end while you walk to the wall and LIGHTLY mark the line of sight on it. Then whip out your tape measure again and record the distance from the floor to your line of sight. The shelf or stand top on which your TV will rest should be no more than 1 foot (12 inches) below your measurement.

Your mom was right: don’t sit too close to the TV! For a 29-inch TV, make sure you have at least 3 feet of distance between the screen and your eyeballs, up to 5 feet for a 46-inch model. If you’ve got the home-theater thing going with a larger set, sit back about 7 feet.

There; that wasn’t so bad. All it takes to choose is a bit of effort measuring and writing things down. Of course for the most exciting styles and lowest prices in the South on top brand entertainment furniture, visit our Shreveport, LA store or any of our other locations.